Saturday, March 31, 2007

rusted root, and maybe more!

Hello all! I'm new to the Sexy Knitters' Club. I'm Lauren (or Leo - although I read a lot of blogs, I'm pretty new to participating in the knitting blog world. Since I spend a great deal of time on my school work I don't have a ton of time during which to knit, so I tend to post about other things like food, what else I'm doing, or nothing at all.). I live in Chicago, I'm a graduate student, and I've been knitting for about .... ohhhh probably 6 years now? It's hard to remember when I started exactly.

Originally I joined the SKC with the intention of knitting Sahara on some tussah silk yarn that I got off of ebay a while back, but I swatched it and I just hate the way the yarn looks and feels. I got indecisive and obsessive about it, and I really felt like I should use something out of my stash, so I swatched some green Inca Wool that I have for Rusted Root, and I think I'll do that one instead! I'd still loooove to make a Sahara, but I'd really like it to work with some yarn I already have. My stash is just completely out of hand, especially considering that I'm living in a pretty small apartment with two roommates on my graduate student stipend! Yikes.

So, happy knitting to all, and I can't wait to see everyone's work!

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