Friday, March 02, 2007

It might look innocent..

But we all know what it really is.
I finished this on the 26th, but did not get around to posting until today.
Sorry for the bad photographer is on another job...and I had to settle for an amateur. =)


Susan said...

It doesn't look innocent at all! That's a wicked sweater for sure! lol. Great job and a very nice colorway choice.

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Michelle said...

Soo cute love the stripes. What yarn did you use?

Melanie said...

Thanks!It's Patons SWS.
I bought the yarn on a whim...but to stick to my "diet" I had to make it be a part of a was surprisingly nice to work with..and even though it says hand wash I washed it in cold on gentle cycle and it was fine. =)

Michelle said...

iCool! It looks so pretty. I bought some of that yarn for a felted purse maybe...