Monday, March 12, 2007

Hey guys - thanks for the comments regarding my first post. I LOVE that I got such a nasty comment - go check it out - it is pretty darn funny. I just want to say - it fits well, EXCEPT for two things - the neck band is too large which you can't really see in the picture. I wore it out for a test drive and I was constantly fiddling with the neck line to have it sit further down on my shoulders. I do not have a wide shoulder width which is why this sweater doesn't fit me well. I can wear a child's size 10/12 tee-shirt because of how small my should width is and I am not a small woman by any means!

It would look much better on someone with broader shoulders - google finished Wickeds and compare those with wide and not so wide shoulders and judge which one looks better.

Second issue with this sweater is I made TOO many increases for the sleeves and the sleeves puff out where they meet the bust line. Not too flattering, that is for sure.

Oh yeah - the alpaca I used was very cheap, ur, inexpensive, so maybe that is why it is itchier that other alpaca yarns. Who knows. It just turned out to be a very sucky sweater and who cares, I enjoy the process of knitting. Also, I now know what doesn't look good on me, and I know how many stitches to increase to with top downers, so at the end of the day, I came out a winner even if the sweater didn't.

Have a good one.



Mandy said...

I'm very sorry someone felt the need to leave a nasty comment. I read it, and all I could do was just roll my eyes.

I thought it was a lovely sweater!!

I am with you on sizing troubles. I used to play tennis, and my family jokes that I have wide tennis shoulders. I do! I have just the weirdest shaped body that requires serious pattern adjustments!!

Well, I am off to check out your blog so I can see your other wonderful creations! Keep on knitting, and don't let weirdo anonymous posters get you down!

Melanie said...

Oh wow.
How did you get so lucky? I have been on this Club for a long time and no one has left me a comment like that. I feel so cheated. =(
Ah well, that's the internets for ya.
I really think it is laughable when they are too chicken to leave their name.
Oh and by the way..ALL my tops are streetwalker tight..and I am darn proud that I can wear them that way! =)

Jeanie said...

Uh oh, looks like that one got by me unnoticed. It MAY be a backhanded compliment in some way but I'll be happy to remove the comment from your post if you'd like. Just let me know. I usually try to delete negative comments, as there's just no need for them here. Let me know if you'd like me to remove that one, but if I do, you'll probably need to edit this post too, lest people search for a negative comment that no longer exists.

Michelle said...

Ha! I love how people don't have the youy know what's to leave their name when they leave a nasty comment! I got one on my personal blog...also anonymous! Poo pooh on them! I still think the sweater looks cute on you!

Lisa said...

Perhaps the anonymous writer never had a mother who told her "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all". I applaud your efforts, as none of us have "perfect" shapes. I hate sizing too. Knit on and keep posting.

PS> - How can I get the Wicked Pattern? I joined in early March and would still ove to make the sweater.