Friday, March 16, 2007

Hello sexy Knitters!!

Im new to these sites,and will do my best to contribute!!
I am a 24 year old Mrs from Norway,that is sooo hooked on knitting and Crochet',Lately it is knitting thats been the main factor,and all of it is exposed on my new blog (not everything is posted on English.)
I signed up on a knitalong in Norway "The sexy summer knitalong" where everybody is knitting something that will make their summer sexyer.
Just about all the girls are knitting "intolerable cruelty" from "Knitty",that truely is a "Killer-skirt"...(",)
I will do my best to keep up with them,i got the will,but not always the skills...(",)
So i wish all of you lovely ladies a nice day,and i will see you soon.
Hugz and kisses from this sexy knitter.

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MRS MJW said...

I think you would really like the recent pictures posted on my blog. Please come for a little see. The title is "Norweigan Family Heirloom".