Saturday, March 03, 2007

new here

i am parisian and new here. got the invite as blogger was "pushing" people to shift to this version, so i did and my username is not zaz but it's joy now (same email).
by that time, i saw people were making a pattern called wicked, and another that i know and is feminine called "eiffel" (as in the iron lacy works of the "tour eiffel" in paris) from knitty.
i think it is a good idea to use a pattern that is available and free on the internet for everyone because we all buy magazines-or not- and spend a lot already on yarns that we find in the countries or places we live in. i would sometimes find free patterns online and chose from the yarns that i find here, i must do living in france, not that am complaining, there are tons of different yarns around the world.
now, i have just suscribed to "knit.1" and it's lovely... there is one pattern i may be doing for the spring season, it is pink, has short sleeves and frills to it i don't know if some of you already bought their "love issue" of december? i think it's sexy, feminine and has style, it could be a bit vinatagy and 50 ish.
i make small projects from patterns to learn new techniques but mostly i draw my own designs and knit them.
i had posted about doing "simply marilyn" in here and the post is gone. i was also asking questions, and i asked myself more questions when the post disappeared...
i thought this was like a webring where people chose whatever they thought sexy, posted on their blogs or here to tell about what they were knitting...
are there rules? i again say: i am new and would like to know what this is about, if things are supposed to be working, what is it that is supposed to work and what does not.i wish you a good sunday, here there is an event called "aiguille en fete" which translates as: "needles' feast" and it's an exhibition with stands of yarns, knitters, brands... it's really THE big event for knitters in paris and people will be coming from all over europe to participate in some workshops, etc...
there is even a "museum of felt" (literal tranlation) who will be giving workshops for the public starting age 7, cool huh?!

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Susan said...

Welcome Joy!
This is a Knit-a-long (KAL). We nominate & then vote on a pattern or patterns to knit. We post our progress & completed knits here and it is also a great forum for questions & suggestions. I hope this helped you understand a little better ;)
*** Glad you are joining the group & look forward to knitting with you!

Nominations for the next KAL (starting in April) have begun. So please nominate your choice!