Friday, March 16, 2007

Opinions PLEASE!

I've been finishing up the 1 skein felted
stripe bag today. As I sit here wanting
to scratch my eyes, nose and throat out... due to allergies. But, that is another story.

I finished it up. Put it on the floor to take a "pre" felt and finish photo ... and I notice that it looks sort of like a tank top. Of course I decide to try it on. And now I'm stuck .... do I finish it off as a tank or just felt the mother. Comments? Help??


LisaBe said...

i think it's much better as a bag than as a tank--i like that you've got that creative, think-differently eye, though!

Carissa said...

I like it better as a bag.

I do love how you tried on your bag, though!

alena said...

i say add some ribbing at the bottom and you have a new top! i really like it.