Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Twinkle Cruise Substitutes...

From the back of her fantastic book:

Instead of knitting with four strands of Twinkle Handknit Cruise yarn, you can use a single strand, such as Jaeger's Pure Cotton, Crystal Palace Yarn's Breeze, Classic Elite Yarn's Bam Boo, Four Seasons and Povence, and Brown Sheep Company's Cotton Fleece nad Cotton Fine"

I think the confusing thing is that you use four strands of Cruise, so when you look at the yarn it doesnt make sense how it works in the pattern.

I was lucky enough to see her yarn at TNNA, she has great colours, really fabulous and lush. Look forward to seeing it in the shops.

Hope this helps, and yes, my vote would be for this sweater!

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