Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My nominations again

OK I found some better pictures of my nominations on Knit Simple's site, but I don't think my first post came through anyway!
So Here are 2 tanks from the magazine that I really like. There are several from this issue I'd love to knit! The magazine is only $5.99 US Dollars

called Coral masterwork

and Here's Pink Braidy

To see more click HERE and scroll down to tanks alot
What do you think?

IN a PS I'd love it if we switched to typepad...I've redone this post like 4 times and it keeps messing up on me!


Makeuprtista said...

I really like that coral top! The idea of a tank is appealing to me since my spring/warm weather schedule is so much busier than my winter schedule. Having no sleeves to knit is a bonus as far as I'm concerned.

christina said...

Pink Braidy is really cute!

harajukugirl said...

I was also browsing a preview of that issue and liked a few items there. Pink braidy is cute.