Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Excited to Join

I just joined and this is my 2nd KAL. I ordered my pattern and am (im)patiently waiting for it to arrive! (I only ordered it Saturday, but I can't wait to get it.) I'm also on a stash diet. I have some Frog Tree Pima Silk in a beautiful dark purple that has a ball band gauge of 5 st/1". I'm planning a swatch today to see how it will knit up. If it won't work I have plenty of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece to pick from.

Also, after seeing all the photos of Wicked I ordered the pattern as well.

Can't wait to get knitting!



Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,

I'm new too and can't wait to start. I got the pattern and yarn for Christmas. I'm using Rowan Summer Tweed. I swatched last night. Can I ask a favour, one newbie to another? I cannot figure out how to post (other than comment). Would you be able to explain it to me, please? I would be so grateful.


Lisa said...


Posting is easy, and even though I'm not Jenn, I think that I can help.

At the very top of the page (main page) you hould see you sign in id (e.g. next to that you should see New Post. When you click on New Post, a window will launch for you to make a post. You can give it a title and preview, and even spell check before you hit the Publish button.

Hope that this helps.


Jenn said...

Karen - Did you figure it out? Like Lisa said, once you're signed in it will show your signin at the top toward the right on the main page. Just click on new post next to that and you should be able to. I didn't think mine went through, but when I looked at the blog the next time it was there.

Nice to meet another newbie!


Anonymous said...

Thanks heaps Lisa and Jenn. I knew it should have been obvious but I must have done something wrong when I set up my account. Next to my sign in id it has a link to 'Dashboard' which takes me to the Blogger front page, I think. I set up with a google account (as in my invitation email).


Anonymous said...

Well, duh. I figured it out. Hadn't activated my invite. See, shouldn't do these things late at night. All set to go.