Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I say we all knit this (right) and see if ANYONE can make it look sexy!?!
Just kidding!!! I actually searched and searched for something that I thought might be flattering to most body types. I came up with Picovoli by Grumperina and was informed you ladies knitted that already (I assume before I joined). I will nominate this pattern from Garn (scandanavian for "yarn") Studio (above) . The pattern is free. It looks like a nice spring/summer knit. I think the lines are very flattering to most body types. You can check out the pattern at
I have not knitted one yet. So I can't tell you how goes it. I'm sure we can figure out any yarn substitutes if we wanna.


Penny said...

I like that one! Very flattering!

Serena said...

Ditto - this one's nice and should be universally "kind".