Friday, March 02, 2007

Another Wicked

Ok, I finished mine a couple weeks ago and finally have pics and am posting. As you can read on my blog, for some reason I am not totally thrilled with this but I am going to think on it. Overall the pattern was quick and easy. I had to add in about 6 extra waist decreases of this would have been HUGE on me. But it ended up fitting pretty well. And I posted on the deadline!


gay said...

i can't imagine why you don't love this to pieces, i think it is beautiful!

itsjustmeghan said...

i'm having issues with mine being HUGE around the waist as well. how often did you do your decreases to get it to fit the way you did?
every other row as opposed to every 3?
i just got past my decreases, and it still looks like i'm wearing a box....i was worried extra decreases would make it pucker in or something.
i love the way yours fits, and i'm hoping to salvage this one!
thanks in advance!

Yarn It said...

Meghan - I did the first five increases as indicated in the pattern. Then I knit five rows and realized the thing was still way too big so I did about five more increases every three rows again. It didn't pucker at all but if you go every other row that could possibly happen. That happened to me when I knit The Somewhat Cowl. I hope that helped somewhat. It got perfect fit somehow but I had the same problem you did!

itsjustmeghan said...

thanks so much for the reply. i tore my wicked back and did a decrease before and after the marker instead of just one per marker. looks like it's going to fit SOO much better. i'm toing with adding a couple more, but i think i'm past hte point of i need to increase back out to go over my hips. i'm making mine a bit longer..just like the longer sweater look i guess!

thanks again!

Carissa said...

This is your official invitation to add your photo to our Wicked KAL flickr group!