Sunday, March 04, 2007


I know the KAL is over, but I liked knitting Wicked so much that I made three: one in a solid navy merino, one apple-green for my mom, and this one with spaced dyed Koigu. I'm not always crazy about the way Koigu stripes, so I knit this Wicked with two strands: one of KPPPM multi of purple, pinks, grays, and black....the second of an almost-solid KPM purple. The solid purple softened the striping, and I ended up with a soft, cushy, 4.5stitches/inch sweater--- new favorite of mine.

I often avoid striping of space-dyed yarn with slip-stitch patterns, but using two strands (one being a solid) really worked for me on this Wicked.


gay said...

this is my favortie wicked yet, love the look of the two yarns!

Sherri said...

WOW! Stunning!

Carissa said...

This is your official invitation to add your photo to our Wicked KAL flickr group!