Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Hey ladies,

I'm new here and thrilled to be apart of the sexy knitters!!

What weight is the yarn. I know its 75% cotton blend and its rowan, but I'm in Ireland and our wool is different.... is it the equivalent of dk or aran? Any help would be appreciated... I may just end up buying online, but I'd love your input.

Also, I have 4.5 and 5.5 in my circulars, but no 5. will either of these work?

Thanks ladies! Looking forward to being a part of the group.

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Silvia said...

According to the Rowan site, its a DK weight- gauge on the lable is 21 St/ 10cm on size 6UK/8US/5mm needles. At 50 grams, you get 175 yrds, 160mtrs, which I believe is more than you get w/ your standard DK weight yarns. It's definitely a sponge-y yarn, and I believe its pretty stretchy once its been knit.

Glenda said...

thanks silvia! that helps a lot... i'll probably just go to ebay and hope they have something great!! the yarn stores in the area are not too close and I'm not sure they have this type there!

michaele said...

Hi Glenda-

I'm trying to set up a calfor a new skirt in the Knitscene coming out next week - check it out at

Glenda said...

hi michaele, the skirt is *super* cute, but how can I get the pattern if I'm not in the US to get the magazine? let me know. I'm new to crochet... like not the greatest. do you think its too hard for a beginner?

thanks for thinking of me!