Monday, June 26, 2006


I know I'm late but I just finished. And I actually finished before the next KAL started!! First Sweater ever. I used KnitPicks Crayon in Brick. It was way soft and super light. I wore it yesterday for my birhtday even though it was in the 90's here and had no problem at all. Thanks for letting me join in I have really enjoyed seeing everyone else's SWC's as I went along. It inspired me on those horrible days when I would have to rip back a ton. Thanks again.


ColorSlut said...

It looks lovely! And I really like the color. My girlfriend was just telling me today, "Red should be worn all year round!". So cute. Great job.

Emily said...

Ooh yours looks great! Such a good idea to do it in cotton at this time of the year.

The Boot said...

Adorable! Yet another convincing argument to convince me to make it as well!

Happy Birthday :)

Anita said...

Wow - your first sweater! Maybe there's hope for me! It's gorgeous. Love the color. Have a great birthday!