Monday, June 26, 2006

All set now - I'll be knitting during the Race for life this weekend

I'm doing the Race for Life on Sunday so what a great way to get started on my Tempting II. 5 km while knitting (and walking) should be good although I may have to cast on early as I can see that being a disaster during the race. I'll try to take my camera and take a picture on the day.

I'm using Calmer in Khaki and hopefully will not have quite finished by the time I go to Guide camp at the end of the month - who am I kidding, I'm on the catering team so I doubt I'll be able to knit much there but you never know. I took my Shetland Shawl to Switzerland last year and did most of the edging on the bus.

My buckles came courtesy of a jumble sale table a few weeks ago and are very pretty 1930s ones. I have a choice co I'll wait until I come to the end to decide which to use

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