Tuesday, June 20, 2006

still in gauge hell

I am still trying to get my swatch correct...I went back to 8's and my stitch count is right..but my row count is not. I know that in most cases the rows are not THAT important..and with this pattern I noticed it says knit 'til you reach x amount of inches.
So got a question for all you expereinced fearless knitters on here. Do you think Im ok with my row count being about 1/2 an inch off towards the larger side?
I should also add that my "boobage" is between the sizes listed. The pattern says to knit your size or smaller..will this mess me up? I love being sexy, but skanky is not my thing! =)
Somebody please tell me what to do. I have done about 15 swatches as of now and Im sick of it!
Please tell me so I can be like Molly and cheat and finish early!
(Just kidding Molly, I think you are awesome!)


LisaBe said...

row gauge will matter a LOT when you get to the band around the neckline--if your row gauge is too large, your rows will push the columns, or stitches, apart, essentially, making the top of the sweater fall off your shoulders. I ruined my first attempt at this sweater this way (couldn't even frog it because the yarn was so fuzzy that it felted itself when i tried to rip it out!). you can knit with your 8s now then switch to smaller needles for the neck band to get proper row gauge (or tighter).

Jan said...

I ditto what lisabe said about gauge etc.

I wanted to talk about the size, and the designer's recomendation to knit a size smaller than you wear. The designer is a teeny tiny itty bitty little thing, and to get a well fitting sexy sweater I can see where a size smaller would make sense to her. I am an overly-endowed midle aged plump sort who also doesn't do skanky, and a size smaller would deffinately come off as total skank on me!

I plan on knitting a size larger than what I wear. I believe it will still be quite sexy, but won't be skanky, and won't prevoke the "go take that trash off no wife of mine...." sort of comments from my peanut gallery!

Molly said...

No offense taken. I have a full plate in July, what with getting my house ready to sell and moving the full inventory of an entire web store to another location. I gave myself permission to start. There are no hard and fast rules at the SKC, are there? I mean, the knitting police aren't going to come break down your door and strip your project off your needles!

Melanie said...

lol Molly! Thank goodness there arent any knitting police cuz that would really suck! =)
Thanks Jan, I may go up a size myself as well, a 36 would work, but I dont want to be "bustin" out.
(sorry for the pun)
Lisabe, thank you for your advice, guess that is what I will do then and hope it all works out. =)

Kate said...

You may want to wash your swatch before deciding on needle size. Cotton has a tendency to bloom and grow when washed. I made the mistake of making a tank last year and sizing it up. It was great until I washed it and then it was too big.

Anita said...

Thanks for posting this question. I was getting ready to ask the EXACT SAME ONE! Everyone's tips are so helpful. I was also going to knit a size up. I assumed that the cotton would possibly get SMALLER (not larger) when washed. I'm still in the middle of my swatch (I'm not a good swatcher), but now I'm going to wash it and see what happens. Thanks for that tip, Kate.

I was starting to panic about trying to knit an "actual sweater" but now I'm getting so excited. It's nice to know that so many will try to help you with their advice! I may not be able to wait until Saturday! Molly, keep your eye open and let me know if the SKC Fuzz are patrolling. I don't want to get busted! (oops, pun)