Monday, June 12, 2006


thanks a million all you sexy knitters who left kind words about my blue smock! i truly appreciate it. i would love to offer the pattern and i will try to do that for free but my notes are pretty much non-existant around the neckline since i worked it 3 or 4 times before i liked it so i'll recreate that and get back to you when i have. meanwhile i have no idea how to adjust the pattern from my size (x small) to other sizes. is there some easy way to accomplish this or at least if not easy a formula of some kind? if anyone knows please give me a hint! if not when the pattern is done it'll be a size xs! ok for some but certainly not all. meanwhile see my website for more pics.


Tcknit said...

Oh, I love your blue smock. Thank you for consider offering it for free. Can't wait to see your pattern. It could be the next KAL!!

Wendy said...

One thing you can do, at least this will be a beginning, is to measure the current sweater at different points, read your gauge, and reproduce stitch counts for various key points (bust, waist, etc.) but this time in the usual sizes 32, 34, and up.

It's tricky, but in the beginning you could probably just do your XS, S, M and L, and hope that you'll get some guidance and hand-holding from fellow bloggers. That's what happened to me, and now I feel like I'm on my way to understanding how to write patterns.

Good luck. I love your blue smock.