Friday, June 23, 2006


Well, I was massively pregnant when you all did the Picovoli knit along and I was totally disappointed. I really wanted to knit it, but I didn't want to knit something when I couldn't try it on. Now that the baby's been here for 3 months, I finally got my Pico.

I completed it in Knit Pick's Shine sport in hydrangea. I made it with the picot edging, but I didn't see the line where I was supposed to knit 2 rows after the yo, k2tog row, so I only knit one, and I knit it together with the provisionally cast on edge. There wasn't enough room there, so it wants to curl out. Oh

I'm a bit lazy and didn't want to bother with a needle to tack down my cast off picot edging, so I simply knit it down. I reached down with my needle to catch a purl bump on the back side 3 rows down and knit that together with my cast off edge. Do this for 2 stitches, pull the first stitch over the second and off the needle just like every other bind off. This made a pretty chain on the backside, which seems to be laying pretty flat now that I ironed it down once.

I also added some tiny capped sleeves to it. I need a little bit of shoulder To do this, I knit back and forth on the sleeves, picking up a stitch on the underarm each row and then knitting it together with the next stitch as I came back. I did this 7 times on each side, then picked up the rest of the stitches and knit around twice. I did my yo, k2tog round, then knit 2 more rounds. I then knitted it down like I did for the hem.

I REALLY love this top. I plan to make it a couple more times I think. It's simple and very feminine :D


Charity said...

Love the top! You look lovely. I missed the KAL, too, but still plan to give this pattern a try.

Fredi said...

It looks great on you. What a nice color! I think I'll make another one day too. So easy!!!

yarnahoy said...

that color becomes you. very lovely.