Monday, June 26, 2006

Jump starting my Tempting II

06/13/06  9:05am

I cast on my Tempting II about 2 weeks ago in order to get most of the 1x1 ribbing out of the way. I will not have any time in July to focus on knitting since I'll be busy with work things for Q2. I've been zipping through the ribbing though, and I am thisclose to being done even before the official start of the KAL. Ooops!

I am looking forward to seeing how all the other Temptings turn out. I am using TLC Cotton Plus in black on size 7 needles. I am making the 32" size and I have some modifications to the sleeves. I still don't have a buckle for the neckline, so I don't know if I'll opt out of one and do something with a button instead.

The Cotton Plus is a worsted weight yarn and for some reason I don't think it's as light as the pattern example photo. Was Rowan Calmer also a worsted weight yarn or is it a bit lighter? I just could not afford to get those balls of Rowan and, unfortunately, I could not really work with my recently acquired cotton stash since the pattern called for more of a blend for the stretch factor.



Molly said...

I am a bit confused. Isn't the ENTIRE Tempting II K1P1 ribbing?

Oblivia said...

Yes it is, but I should have clarified that I wanted to get the body ribbing out of the way since while it is easy, it would be my most time consuming piece. If I had stopped right after completing the body, then I'd be in a good spot to pick everything back up after work slowed down. (But I'm actually way ahead of schedule with this.)