Tuesday, June 13, 2006

RIP Matcha-ina

Not to be confused with R.est I.n P.eace, Matcha-ina. No, I literally had to rip the whole thing apart and start over. Why? Because I am knitting obliviously along, ignoring the little voice which is saying "whoa. this is looking kinda...big..."

And when I and ready to start seaming, it is only THEN that I hold it up to myself and see that both sides extend past my shoulders by like, I don't know...SIX FREAKIN INCHES!!

How did this happen? I knit up a medium, I got gauge with my swatch...I was confuddled and flummoxed all at once.
So, I started over from scratch making the extra small and not knitting so loosely. And you know? I am glad that I did. The pattern looks much crisper, and now that I am on the ribbing and the end is in site, I am getting very excited.

Let's just hope it's not too small this time around...
(pictures this week-end!)

I won't be participating in the Tempting KAL, but I am still working on the somewhat cowl AND the Green Gable from Zephyr Style AND Tulip from My Life In Stitches. I think I am busy enough for now : )

More infos on my blog: A Mango Lassi(e)


Kirsten said...

Hi Sarah, I wanted to check out your blog, but your link didn't work.

sarah e said...

That's because I am an idiot; if you try it now you should have no problem. You'll have to scroll down a few entries, I ripped it about a month ago :)

Dr. Spaulding said...

So what do you think happened? Did you get gauge on the row count, too? Or just stitch count?

sarah e said...

Weeell...I am a lazy knitter. So if I notice a mistake on one row, instad of fixing, I will compensate for it on the next. Dropped stitch? No problem, I'll M1 and somehow make it fit the pattern! Bad, I know. I SERIOUSLY don't think I added about 75 extra stitches though!
I thought I had gotten gauge with my swatch, but it was the first swatch I ever swatched and I didn't exactly know what the heck I was looking for, so who knows.
It is looking much better this time around, so I'll chalk it up to a learning experience!