Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Had time to kill between running errands today. To get out of the heat, and atleast "smell the yarn fumes", we stopped by the LYS. The owener, "Fran the fabulous", gave me a ball of sock yarn that I was going to buy and my mom a 1 lb bag of loose leaf tea she was going to buy. Anyway, I looked (window shopped) for yarns for tempting II and didn't find anything that truely satisfied me. I checked at knit picks dot com and while they do have something that would work quite well, I just cannot justify spending that much on yarn right now.

What I am wondering and needing opinions is: Do you think that Red Heart's 'Plush' would work okay for Tempting II? I know that it isn't cotton, but I already have enough of it to make the sweater and wouldn't have purchase anything. Your input, suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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Alabama said...

I'm looking for an alternative yarn as well; something a little more affordable. Let me know what you find out.