Tuesday, June 06, 2006

How Much Yarn?

I'm planning to use the TLC Cotton Plus for Tempting II. I'm not sure how much to get though. Calmer is 177 yards and 50 grams, and TLC is 186 yards and 100 grams. Do I convert the yards or the grams? Can anyone help me? Thanks.


Dena said...

In general, it's best to go by the yardage rather than the weight. I know that Calmer is a really lightweight yarn for its size.

knitncycle said...

Hey! I always go by yardage. First take the yardage of Calmer and multiply that number by the number of skeins the pattern requires for your size. Ex: 100 yards x 5 skeins would be 500. This is the total yardage of yarn you should need to complete your project. Next (if the yarn is the same weight as the original ex both yarns are worsted wt etc), find the yardage for your yarn sub and simply divide that into the total yardage. 50 yards / 500 is 10. If you have a remainder (like 4.856) I'd round up and get an extra skein (4.856 would mean 5 skeins). I hope that makes sense. I substitute a lot since many patterns call for very expensive yarn. That method has always worked for me. I don't generally compare grams or ounces since the yardage can be very different between manufacturers. Good Luck! Alicia

Gwen said...

Thank you, Dena and Alicia, very much for your excellent advice.