Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Plush II Tempting!

Ok, so the tittle is a little pune-ish..hehehe! I have done a gauge swatch using the Red Heart "plush" yarn that I have. I am just about dead-on gauge using a size 5 needle instead of the size 8 called for both in the pattern and on the yarn's label. (What can I say, I often have trouble following directions!)

I will admit here and now, I am cheating and starting early. I have to hunt for a place to move to that we can afford. Pack to move, while not yet having a place to move to. Take care of family/household business. Try to get the house ready for dh's return. All of this while awaiting dh's release from the hospital. (UGH!) Even with cheating and starting early, I may not get it done by, sue me if this offends you.


Fredi said...

If you're happy I'm happy! July 1 did seem a long way off when we first decided though.

Sherri said...

Good luck with finding a place & the move ... and heck, a sweater will wait and is NOT a priority ... just make sure you take some time for yourself :-)
~ Sherri