Friday, June 30, 2006

Is 100% cotton really that bad?

Well, as the original nominator of this pattern, I thought I had my yarn all picked out. Then actually READ the thing and it said that 100% Cotton is not suggested. Well, the yarn I had picked out is of course 100% Cotton. I've been searching through my stash of yarn and sweaters to be recycled and am not sure if I have anything else that would be appropriate. So my question is, is 100% cotton really all that bad for this sweater? Should I do some more digging, or do you think I might be able to get away with the yarn I had picked out? Do you think silk/Cotton would have enough elasticity, or is silk not elastic too?



Niquie said...

The thing about 100% cotton is that is dosen't really have any give ad loses its shape rather quickly. Thats why making a completely ribbed sweater out of cotton isn't the best of ideas. These would be the reason that people would give you. If you want to make it out of cotton, go ahead, nothing is stopping you... but those are the main reasons that cotton would be the best idea in the world.

Dena said...

My experiences with silk is that it is also not elastic.

Tusa said...

Calmer is really 'stretchified'. I would recommend getting something similar.