Thursday, June 08, 2006

Help and Advice- Picovoli

Hi everyone! I need your help please. Due to my build, (line-backer shoulders, small breasts and square hips), I am sitting out on the Tempting 2 KAL. Instead I am making the Picovoli so here are my querries:

Did you modify the waist shaping to one's own dimentions? Is there a guidline to doing this, (negative ease or actual measurements)? Good ol' fashion math?

Or did you block it to your dimentions?

My rib cage narrows to my waist and then BAM! there are my hips, as in not to gradual from waist to my hips. /

Sorta like the dashes.

I love the pictures of the Picovoli FO's and it looks to me like some of them were tweaked in regards to the waist shaping.

Thanks for any imput and advice you may provide! I look forward to seeing everyone's tempting projects!


grumperina said...

Hi Estellika,

Considering your body shape, you may want to modify the shaping of your Picovoli. It's impossible to design a sweater which fits all shapes, and with the Pico, I had a slightly more curvy figure in mind.

So, in order to figure out the modifications - first, aim to have about 2" of negative ease in your bust, but not more. Second, measure your waist and your hips, and make those are the exact measurements of the Pico. So if your waist is 32" and your upper hips (where the hem will end up) 33", then the waist and hips of your Pico should be 32 and 33, respectively. You will be making *fewer* increases as you move from waist to hips.

Last, when in doubt, grab a well-fitting sweater from your closet and measure its finished dimensions. If you make your Pico mirror a well-fitting sweater, it, too, will fit well!

Good luck!

Estellika said...

Thanks! Very helpful, exactly what I wanted to know. ;D