Thursday, June 29, 2006

Another Yarn possibility

I realize most people probably have their yarn by now, or have at least decided on one... I just found out Elann has Esprit in variegated yarns now. The cool thing is that they have a handy little guide that tells you what solid colors of Esprit coordinate with the Esprit Prints. I could see Tempting II worked in a print for the body and sleeves, with the neckband in a coordinating solid color.

I am using TLC Cotton Plus in Thistle and Esprit in Aegean Sea (I posted a picture of my swatches a week or two ago). I haven't decided which one I will do first... I think I will need to do some short row shaping, and may make the body an inch or two longer. Definitely modifications to the neckband to keep it up on my proportionately narrow shoulders. Any one else doing mods besides the neckband?


The Boot said...

Yes, modifications are almost always necessary. I'm also lengthening it a couple of inches for my "long torso" but it shouldn't have a problem staying on my "football shoulders". :)

Is Esprit a stretchy yarn like Calmer?

Penny said...

Yes, actually Esprit is much stretchier than Calmer. It is between 1% and 2% elastic, and I was really surprised at how much stretch that actually gave it.