Friday, June 09, 2006

TemptingII, a few ideas please

While I am planning on making this, I was thinking of making it as a short/sleeveless Winter top instead of a Summer one. I think this would be absolutely adorable on my ddil, who is a tiny little thing. So I am wondering if I used the largest pattern size, used very small needles, and fingering yarn it might work. Now I know my guage would be my own, but what do y'all think, would this work?


LisaBe said...

i made tempting (the original) using lorna's laces worsted in black and it was lovely!

dana said...

I would do a gauge swatch in 1x1 rib and then a little math- see how many stitches across the bottom (260) and divide that by how many sts per inch you have and then you can at least know how far around the bottom will be. If it's close to the size you were shooting for- horray! It'll probably work! That way, you won't be hundreds of thousands of sts into it before you know if it'll work. That's what I'd do at least.