Monday, May 01, 2006

*Sigh* I hear a frog.

Well, I joined my SC today,
started knitting in the round, and came to the realization (I had an idea that this would happen) that I purl wrong.
I do a twist? So, when I started knitting in the round.... :(

So, I have decided to frog it, as I can clearly see the line where it joins.

a) I will not be finishing this in time for the end of the KAL
b) I have to do another project before I atempt this one again, as I need to learn to purl.
c) I may wait to do this again until I have lost more weight, as I don't want to knit it again for a long time!! LOL

Thanks for letting me vent!


Ashley said...

Oh no!!

Maybe you could just knit every other stitch twisted? That would take longer, but you wouldn't have to frog but a few inches.

Pretty color! Makes me thing of mint chocolate chip...only chipless.

Ashley said...

I meant every other ROW twisted...

That would be way faster than every other stitch!

tekopp said...

couldn't you try to make a swatch and do as ashley says, twist every other row of stiches, since it looks like it is what you have done wrong. and that you simply are knitting not in combination style, but in something that to me looks like eastern style. crossed stiches. it's not wrong, just a bit different :)

vargels said...

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who has done that. I did it for a year and a half in that style and could never figure out why my swatches looked different that the pictures until a month ago. (and even then I had to reread purl stitch directions 4 to 5 times before I realized the difference between how I purled and how the patterns expected me to purl)

Tasha_Tuk said...

I actually did my knit stiches the same way. I was then trying to do my Kfb and couldn't figure out why I couldn't get it to work. I didn't even think to check my purl to see if it was right. I could try to do the swatch and figure it out. BUT, I have lost weight since I measured for this sweater, so I don't know if it would fit me now anyways...
I think I will wait and do it all over :D
Thanks for the help everyone!

Rae said...

Another confessioner here - after 20 odd years of knitting, my knitting instructor informed me 2 weeks ago that I purl wrong! No wonder my FOs never looked like the pictures. My stitches always looked kinda funky and gnarled.

You'll see a HUGE difference when done the right way. And I was surprised that it wasn't hard at all to "retrain" my hand to purl the right way.

Good luck!!!

Cheri said...

I purl the wrong way but I also knit the wrong way so my stitches never look twisted (I guess two wrongs do make a right).

When I knit I knit into the back of the stitch, so when I joined my sweater I have to knit into the front of the stitch in order for my stitches not to twist.

I guess this doesn't help in this case since all of your stitches are twisted but who says your knitting has to be like everyone elses?!?!? Your sweater is still pretty!

Dawn said...

I'm with you Cheri. What we do is called Combination knitting. I still refuse to purl "right" because it requires more effort than the wrong so I knit combined on flat stretches, and knit through the front loop in the round. Maybe you're knitting combined purl stitches, and just need to knit through the back loop on the knit stitches. See problem solved :D

Kristin said...

I still haven't figured out how to purl right, but I just knit through the back loop on my knit row and it turns out looking fine.

Anonymous said...

Cheri, Dawn, and Kristin, I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I knit twisted and then untwist on the purl. i.e. I ALWAYS "ktbl," nd then I undo it on the way back. But, my stitches are never actually twisted. This causes me problems on things like "ssk" type stuff where I have to decipher which way the pattern wants the stitch to tilt and how I can get there "Ashley-style." It also makes me not want to teach others to knit, because it's hard for me to do it the "right" way. I try not to think of it as "wrong" because the stitches are coming off the needle, right?

Cheri said...

I have problems with the ssk and k2tog as well but I look at it as which one of those is going to make my knitted object look the best.

I don't like to say the way I am doing it is wrong because at the end of the day I have a hat, sweater, shrug, scarf, etc. and it looks great.

Plus I taught myself from a book that I bought, which was a lot cheaper than taking a class and I can still make a sweater.

Dawn said...

SSK and K2tog:
Until I learned that I was knitting funky, I always thought I WAS doing a K2tog, but was in fact doing a SSK. For those of us combined knitters, SSK is the easier stitch, simply slip your right needle through the back loops of 2 stitches instead of 1 and knit them together. To make a correct (not twisted) K2tog we have to change how the stitches lay on the needle, just like normal people have to change them for a SSK. To do this, look at your stitches. Our stitches lie so that the back loop is a little ahead of the front loop (I think of this as it saying "Knit me!") This is why combined ribbing is so easy, knit stitches the back loop is forward, purl stitches the front is. You can feel it with your fingers and if it is awkward, you're probably trying to do the wrong stitch :D Anyway, we want the front loop to be a little ahead when we do a K2tog, so slip the stitches to the right needle, then pass them back twisting them as you do so so that the leading edge is in the front now. Now simply put your needle through the front loops second stitch first and knit them together. In general, If the pattern uses all k2tog in the pattern (ie doesn't care about which way the decrease is leaning) or says simply decrease I do a ssk. It's just easier. If it has paired decreases or specialized ones like in lace I take the time to manipulate the stitches for the k2tog.