Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Somewhat Cowl Finished.... I think

Well, I finished my Somewhat Cowl on my trip out of town this weekend, but am seriously considering frogging it...

My bust measurement was 37 1/2. I made the 36" and it just seems too big all around...It fits nicely through the bust, but the sleeves were too large, and it's pretty loose through the waist and just looks like a big square on me. It's not at all like the sexy versions that I've seen you all wearing. It's a nice sweater, not really sexy, and I'm not really sure that I'll wear it much this way... *sigh* comments? Opinions? Help?


Jackie F. said...
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Jackie F. said...

I think it looks really nice on you! I can identify with your fit issues, though. I have a similar bust measurement and am intending on making the same size as you did. Did you use the pattern yarn or something else? I'd love to know for when I make this in the future. Thanks in advance! :)

Bridget M said...

Hi, Dawn - Did you incorporate the pattern changes that Wendy posted about? She added a recipe for waist and arm shaping, and also suggested shortening the raglan decrease "seam".

Rather than frogging it, you might try seaming the sides from the inside to take in the waist a bit - there's a good tutorial online at chicknits, I think.

I really think that for most of us with slightly fluffier figures than the beautifully svelte Wendy's, the key to a Somewhat Cowl that really looks great is to add the waist shaping, shorten the raglan depth a bit, and consider making the sleeves a bit narrower.

Just my .02. I wouldn't frog, though - so much work!