Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New Nomination/Finished Somewhat Cowl

This is my first official post to the group, although I've been here since a bit before the last vote, and all through the KAL for Orangina/SWC. I chose to work on the SWC, although I also knit the Picovoli for my sister during this time. I love the knits suggested on this site, I feel so empowered by knitting whole garments in such a short time. I will DEFINITELY stick with Sexy Knits!!!

I wanted to nominate this top for the next KAL if there is still time:

The free pattern can be found here:


What do you think?

Also, wanted to post pics of my SWC - not on, but hopefully pics will follow on my blog. The SWC is currently upstairs, blocking/drying on the spare bed! So you'll have to do with pics of it last night after I finished tacking down the cowl:


Pixiepurls said...

that tank is cute!

Yarn It said...

I love this tank also. Very wearable and sexy at the same time!

Anonymous said...

I actually have the book that tank top pattern was orginally published in. I've noticed several of Craftown's patterns are from that book.... It was published in 1970 something or before then so it might be public domain now.