Friday, May 19, 2006

Finished Camisole Tube

I finished the purple top today, while driving up to Taos (to have breakfast with a friend, can anyone say hello Julia Roberts?) I decided to do ribbon for the straps, instead of the spaghetti straps. I rather like it, although I think it will fit better (and hang a little less) once I block it.

I started it on May 7th and finished May 19th. I used TLC Cotton Plus yarn (cheap, but I figured it would do the trick) and made a size medium. Again wondering if I shouldn't go smaller. What do people think is the best way to get your size right? I measured around the "outside" of my chest - and yet things keep being too large.

And yes - you might be wondering ... my husband did have something very colorful to say about this top as well, "The ribbon is pretty. Are you planning on wearing the rest of it outside the house though? That could quiet possibly be the most hideous top on the planet. Do they have competitions for things like that?"


vargels said...

For myself, I am usually in between sizes and always go for the smaller one. Somehow, as I knit, I think my gauge gets larger.
I am currently knitting the tube cami also (and will hopefully finish it tonight). However, my gauge was very off initially but I had limited needle and yarn choices, so I ended up making an XS when I would actually be a M. I've been trying it on as I go and it is working so far.
Yours looks great and I love the ribbon you used. My husband is not a great fan of the pattern either (didn't say anything but I can tell by if he just stays silent vs saying he likes something). But I love it, so I'll be wearing mine proudly with you.

Ashley said...

These mouthy husbands out there are pissing me off. RUDE! Don't they know that we are royalty to them and should be treated as such? Sheesh.

That top is too cute! I love the ribbon, so at least he's ok on THAT.

Necia said...

Your husband cracks me up. He must be kin to mine. Girl you look fierce in that top. Do you try on as you go? I guess I should ask first, if it's even knit in the round?


KnitnZu said...

Well, it doesn't fit like the tube tops from the 1970's, but I think that's a good thing. It looks nice, and wow, what a cool ribbon.

I work sometimes at LYS and owner and pal Libby says to get correct measurement, place tape under armpits and above your bust. Drop your arms (you're bigger w/ them down than up). You want your chest measurement, not your bust measurement. Most yarns and patterns have enough give that the bubbula size doesn't matter (even for those of us who are enDDowed). If you made a sweater for bust size, you'd have a bunch of extra material in the rest of the sweater (across shoulders and torso). You should also know how a sweater is supposed to fit (snug, baggy, etc) and how you'd like it to fit and adjust accordingly. I'm not sure about holding your breath in or out...maybe that depends on how you want something to fit.

As for your hubby, wear that lovely top while entertaining him in some wifely way and I bet he'll NEVER say anything bad about your knitting again!