Tuesday, May 02, 2006

swc progress and fad classic is on it's way!

the swc fits like a dream, i'm now doing the bottom ribbing and have a few more inches to go before i start on the sleeves which i plan to make shorter and the neckline ribbing which is also going to be adapted but how???? not sure yet. jeanie's fad classic inspired me to get mine back out of the bottom of the bag and i have joined and am knitting in the round now...love them both.


Yarn It said...

Oh, beautiful color for the somewhat cowl! Love it. I also just received my Thaki yarn for the Fad Classic in black. I love the way yours is looking so I think I made the right choice! Great job.

Wendy said...

Yeah, that Fad-Classic. I love seeing it in progress. I remember when I had mine on at about the same point. Have you seen Jeanie's? (Dances with yarn)?

Have fun with it and be sure to show your progress. When I see that stuff, I learn so much from it and I see places where I can tweak the designs and such.

Thank you for showing it off.