Wednesday, May 10, 2006

another kal idea

how about changing up a bit...i love this flirty litle skirt from interweave press.


Silvia said...

I made this skirt this year- very cute. The yarn is no longer made (I found mine on about a year ago). I found that it needed some waist shaping in order to fit well, but it wasn't difficult to fix, and i got lots of complements when I wore it.

Silvia said...

I posted a picture of my skirt on along with some coments etc. my blog: Take a look if you are interested.

Silvia said...

Gay asked me if the skirt stretched out leaving me w/ the dreaded "bubble butt". No, it hasn't, however, I don't wear it to work (a little too sexy), so I never sit in it for hours. Also, no there is NO waist shaping. It sits on the hips, which if you've had children isn't great. Adjustments were needed.