Thursday, May 04, 2006

Knit Along Updates

Edited to Add: Looks like I made a mistake when I said that the next KAL would start June 1st (giving us a month to gather supplies, etc.) and should have said July 1st instead. Sorry!!! Keep the nominations coming but don't forget to include the link to the pattern (and pic if available) as nominations without links won't be considered. Thanks!

Also Edited To Add: Okay, I just figured out that if you put a very long URL link into your post, it will mess up our side bar (just like if you add a "too large" pic). SO. If you have a long URL link, please do not put the URL into your post. You will need to use the hyperlink button at the top of the text window (it's the icon that looks like a pair of sunglasses with a green circle thingie under it). This is very important to those of you who are putting links to patterns nominations, so PLEASE be sure to use the hyperlink button instead of putting the URL directly into the post. Thanks!!!

Hi all! Sorry it's taken me so long to post regarding our "free pattern" poll, but as y'all can clearly see, the majority of you want to try a "free only" pattern knit along for our next knit along. Well okay then! Free pattern nominations only for our next knit along! So, we will begin taking nominations for our next knit along on May 10th (please don't submit nominations prior to the 10th) and will take nominations for 2 weeks. On May 25th, the voting for our third knit along will begin and will continue until May 28th. The winner will be announced at the end of May and the next knit along will begin on June 1st. This gives us a month to gather our supplies for the next knit along and to work on some other projects before the next knit along begins.

As a little incentive to those of you who are participating in the current knit along, we will have a drawing at the end of May for all who participated. The winner will receive a copy of Ashley Paige's Sexy Little Knits. If you joined the current Orangina/Somewhat Cowl knit along, please send me an email at letting me know that you would like to be entered into the drawing, and please put "Orangina/Somewhat Cowl Drawing" into the subject of the email. You will need to include either a pic of your mostly completed (not completely completed) Orangina/Somewhat Cowl or a link to your blog post documenting your progress for verification of your participation in the knit along. For those REALLY ambitious knitters who completed both (yes, completely completed) there will be a separate drawing for another Sexy Little Knits book. You will need to put "I Finished Both" into the subject of your email to be correctly entered into the drawing. If you don't put "I Finished Both" into the subject, you won't be entered :-(

I also want to remind all of you who post to use the "small" or "medium" size for your pics when uploading pics to the blog. Choosing the "large" option distorts our page and messes up our sidebar, so please don't upload large pics.

I'm still working on Bambooina, but I took a little break and started Wendy's Fad-Classic. I'm a little further than this pic -- I've finished the neck ribbing, although I may be frogging it, as it doesn't lay as nicely as I would like. For the whole scoop, check out my blog. As soon as I'm done with Fad-Classic, I'll pick Bambooina back up and will hopefully finish before the end of the knit along.


Jen said...

Here's my nomination for the new KAL:

AJ said...

Can anyone join?

Serendipity said...

I like this tank!