Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New Vote???

Okay Sexy Knitters... I've been monitoring the site for the past couple of days and am considering stopping the current poll and starting over for 2 reasons. First, two patterns were left out of the voting poll that quite possibly should not have been left out. When my helper composed the list for me, I didn't notice that the list was in alphabetical order (yes, I'm that thick sometimes) and assumed that bottom nominations were the least popular (based on positive feedback left in the comments) pattern nominations. Because of this incorrect assumption, I left Tubey and Waves off the voting poll thinking that they were low popularity nominations and that it was a valid reason to eliminate them. WRONG! And I'm very sorry.

The second reason that I'm considering a re-do on the voting is because it appears that one of the patterns (The Prosperous Plum Tank) is written in only one size (28" bust) and by looking at the comments, many of you were unaware of this and wish you could change your vote.

So. For now, we will continue with the current voting poll, but I want to also get your opinions on whether or not you think we should re-do the voting with a second poll which would include Tubey and Waves (replacing the two current lowest scoring patterns) and with the new information that the PPT pattern is written for one size only.

Please take a second to vote "yea" or "nay" regarding whether you favor a re-do vote.

Do you favor a re-do on the current knit along vote? "Yae" = New Vote, "nay" = No New Vote
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LisaBe said...

it wouldn't change my vote, so i'm voting no, but i certainly won't object to a new poll--i just don't want to see it drag out too long :) i'm impatient that way!
another alternative would be to let the current poll finish wednesday night as planned, then have a runoff among the top n (if there is a close race among five or so) or the ones with double-digit percentages, PLUS the two that got left off (waves and tubey).

Marji said...

I'd agree that the list should probably be cut by more than just 2. Those that obviously aren't going to make it right now could be cut, then the vote might more accurately reflect what the majority wants to make. 20 choices just seems like too many. Personally, I'd like to see the list reduced to 10 choices.
I also like the fact that this past knit gave 2 options - this membership list is huge now and 2 options gives people a choice that better reflects their body type, taste level, and maybe even skill level.

tekopp said...

re-doing it, leaving out the 5 least popular would be best, I think.
or half of the patterns.

and your not silly, it's just a regular brain fart :P

Elsa said...

I agree with all the opinions above suggesting a second voting with elimination and including the 2 is a good idea. That would give a chance to those who have voted for the less popular patterns to make another choice. In some cases two similar patterns may have to share their admirers and so seem less popular (say mid-popular)... That's why i vote for the second voting :)

jacey (insubordiknit) said...

ohh, I agree! a run-off vote including the 2 that got cut earlier and the top 5 contenders in this vote. 20 choices may be too many...not to be a pain or anything.

Brenda Dayne said...

Would it be consdered very unfair to pimp my favorite in this week's podcast?

Jeanie said...

Pimp away Brenda!

Kendra said...

This might be too late-- but here is a new one at mag knits http://magknits.com/June06/patterns/lux.htm

Sherri said...

Kendra - that top is very sweet!!

Denise said...

When does the new vote start/end? I could change my mind/or not/or change/or not . . . This could go on forever!