Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My SexyKnit....

This is my latest sexy knit project. It's the "Tissue Tunic", or atleast the version of it that I made. I made it in less than a week start to finish and only occassionally working on it during that time. If you notice in the picture, I am at the hospital on dh's floor. The picture, sorry about the poor quality of it, was taken by a highly impressed nurse technitian.

I wear it over tank tops as a bit of cover. It's done in navy blue alpaca and it's cool enough to keep on when I step outside (for a cigarette in the smokehole), but it's also warm in the hospital's air conditioning inside. It helps to make me feel just a little sexy in a non-sexy situation and enviroment.

**Tomorrow sometime I will update my personal blog,, with updates on my dh.**

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