Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Half way there!

Okay, so half way there doesn't sound like much when the time is almost over, but I swear I will finish on time. I was stalled out because I needed to buy the rest of my yarn in order to keep going. Now I have my yarn, I just finished my last final, and i'm going to have a lot of free time to fill (lack of job for three weeks, jeeze!). I'm making the Somewhat Cowl and it has been great, I knit right through that first skien of yarn in no time. I, unfortunately, do not have a picture to post though because I am out of a camera. I will borrow my boyfriend's when I see him next week and make sure to update.

In other, side-note, non-yarn related, news I am starting a quilt block swap (I just whipped up the site today so no comments or sign ups as of yet) for artists of all calling. You can check out all the details at The sign up deadline is May 28th!

Oh I am so going to get this sweater done, which is my first sweater ever by the by! Exciting!

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