Saturday, May 27, 2006

Volunteer needed!

Edited to Add: Wow, several of you wonderful Sexy Knitters responded right away with offers to help! Thank you so very much! We should have a list of the nominations for you shortly (to review) with the poll following shortly after that! Thanks again!

Ack! I missed my own deadline of getting the new knit along poll up on May 25th! Of course when I originally chose May 25th, I didn't even think about it being the last day of school! So sorry, but we'll just move all the dates back a little if we need to... no worries -- worrying is VERY unsexy ;-)

As y'all have probably noticed, the SKC has gotten quite large and I'm really not able to handle a lot of the "managing" of the board myself, so I'm putting a call out for a volunteer to help me gather up all the official pattern nominations (including the links to the patterns). Please contact me at if you're interested in helping out. As soon as I have the completed list of nominated patterns, I can put together a poll for us to vote -- I'm hoping this will be ready within the next day or so if I get a response to my request for help.

Thanks Sexy Knitters!!!

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