Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sexy Nomination

Hi Sexy Knitters,

I would like to nominate Katie's Razor Cami. It's a beautiful new pattern, and it's even free!


Hope this one wins, because I'm making it anyway :)

Happy Knitting!


vargels said...

I love it!

LisaBe said...

i just looked all over her site and didn't see the pattern--i know you provided a deep link, but where does she provide the link herself?

illanna said...

The link came from her blog, here:

illanna said...

I edited to add the link to Katie's blog in the post so you can see the rest of her awesome work.

Sherri said...

Very cute & thank heavens she added how to make it bigger, because there is NO WAY my chest would even think of squeezing into a XS/S - lol

Auntie Amanda said...

love love love this!

Mikey said...

Dear Ms. Illanna--

Stunning! Wow!


Yarn It said...

I love this one has my vote!