Friday, May 12, 2006

Behind, way behind

I just got an e-mail from Discount Yarn that my Orangina kit is on backorder. I'm destined to be a project behind. Not sexy at all.


Jan said...

Depends on your "behind"! roflol

Tracy said...

i know EXACTLY what you mean. i ordered mine on april 17th, and nothing. i emailed them saying that i shouldnt have to wait 3 weeks for my order, so i would like to cancel it since my card hadnt been charged yet. then they emailed saying that they sent me a message (which i never got) about it being on back order and was scheduled to ship on may 10th. thier email implied that they were going to process and ship my order regardless of my cancel request. so i waited for my email letting me know it had been shipped on may 10th like they said...but nothing. so i have no idea whats going on. im VERY disappointed with thier customer service. never again will i buy from discount yarn.