Friday, November 02, 2007


I got to the lace portion of Juliet, and I'm in a complete panic about whether or not to start it. I'm doing the small size because everyone has been reporting that Juliet is on the stretchy/big side, but I'm worried that my huge linebacker shoulders won't fit. I'm too lazy to put it on scrap yarn, so it's stalled.

I ordered yarn from Discount Yarn for Tree Jacket over a week ago, and I *just* got an email saying that it'll be shipped by November 8. So, looks like I may miss this KAL all together....unless I can get going on Juliet again. Any thoughts about fit for Juliet? I'm a 32 inch bust, but my shoulders are stretchy is stretchy???


Rachael said...

I'm a 34" bust, also with broad shoulders (nothing without stretch in it fits, right??) and I made an extra small, I just bought off VERY loosely at the armholes. you can see my juliet in my archives on my blog or on Ravelry my user name is Cattywampus there. Hope that helps.

Rachael said...

Sorry - that's BOUND off, not bought off.