Thursday, November 08, 2007

Finished Juliet Awhile Back...

Here's my Juliet. I finished this about a month ago but never posted it.

91807 003

I'm not loving it, but I am going to give it one more chance with a tighter fitting cami and jeans. I'm thinking what I need to do is less increases for the lace section (when transitioning from the garter stitch to the lace) so it won't be as wide, and then maybe lengthen it. I really can't pull off garments with a lot of ease.



maddieg said...

I think it looks great! Try putting one more button on it and I think it would pull it in.
Then your tighter tshirt and you will look smashing.
Now I want to make it!

Knittymuggins said...

I think it looks lovely on you! But I know how it is when you aren't quite sure about the fit of something. Definitely try it with the tight cami and I'm sure it will look fantastic :)


Anonymous said...

It turned out great---wear a tight cami with it and you will probably like it better. If you still aren't sure, make the purl section at the top longer and then don't make the lace section with as many stitches.