Thursday, November 29, 2007

Juliet Failure

So, I got to the lace portion and discovered that I was 6 stitches off. Grrr! I decided to set it aside because my frustration level was through the roof. I decided to start my Tree Jacket instead, and I'm enjoying it. I couldn't find my size 8 dpns, so I used 7s and did the collar looser than normal. It's actually a bit roomy, I think, but so far so good.


Michelle said...

I'm with you on Juliet, I've had a ton of problems with my lace too! I think I need to rip it all out and start over!!!

Heather said...

I LOVE that color you're using for Tree! Wonderful. And as for the Juliet - everyone has been saying it's very loose size-wise, especially the lace portion. I'd just adjust to you have the correct multiple for the lace by increasing or decreasing that last row before you start knitting the lace and get on with it. It's a pretty forgiving pattern!