Saturday, November 10, 2007

Did you miss it? Plus: Call for stories

If you hadn't signed up yet, you missed the inaugural issue of the Sexy Knitters Club Newsletter! Here's a sneak peak at some of what you missed:

October Newsletter

(Unfortunately, photobucket won't let me put a picture of the whole thing in since it's too long, but (shameless plug, hint, hint) if you sign up for the free newsletter, next time it will be delivered to you in its entirety in your In box.)

Coming up in the next newsletter, we have the Sexy Issue. Okay, they're all Sexy Issues, so I guess I'll call this one a Sexy to the Bones issue: what makes a pattern sexy, and how does construction impact its sex factor?

Would you like to be published in the newsletter? We're looking for stories on:
  • Shaping techniques (short rows, princess seaming, etc.) - you only need cover one technique in the article, so pick your favorite.
  • Modification dos and don'ts - making a pattern all your own
  • Photography tips (knittymuggins, this one has your name all over it!) for showing off your handiwork at its best
  • or whatever else you can suggest
Just send an email to me (lizajane73 AT excite DOT com), or leave a post and I will contact you to coordinate!



AliceInDilbertland said...
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AliceInDilbertland said...

I did sign up, but I didn't receive the newsletter, and I checked my spam folder too. :( I even went to sign up again, just in case, but it said my email address was already on the list.

Nora said...

I also signed up and didn't receive my copy.

April said...

Yep, me too, and when I tried to sign up again, it told me I already was.

Anonymous said...

Photography tips would be a very helpful topic. My yarn and FO pictures are always lousy and I'd love a tutorial about how to take a decent picture.

smidgemom said...

Same here!! No newsletter, but it says that my email is alright found.


purple_niko said...

I'm having the same problem with not getting the newsletter. Is there a way to put a link to the newsletter on the SKC home page?

Lil' D said...

i signed up as well, and didn't receive it either

Lisa said...

Have no fear - Jeanie is going to make it all better! She's working on resending the newsletter for those who may have missed it.