Saturday, November 03, 2007

Tree Jacket

Hello everyone!
This is my first KAL, and my very first sweater!!
I'm finding it a little hard to try on as I go, as I'm using a 32" circular needle, and the stitches are pretty squishy on it, but I did manage this morning after splitting the needles onto 3 different circs.
I'm liking the pattern, and it's going a lot faster than I thought it would!

I was going to add a photo of my progress, but every time I've tried in the last week, Blogger isn't behaving.
So I'll post as is and edit later, if I can.

Happy knitting!

Edited to add: A photo!!!

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La Petite Tricoteuse said...

Congrats on the first sweater! To help out with the 'trying on'- I always put the stitches onto a long piece of scrap yarn and slide the needles out. That way you can tug as much as you want without worries. Slide the stitches back on the needles when you are done and pull out the scrap yarn- much easier :-)