Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Rusted Root

Finally, my finished Rusted Root :-)
It's actually a modified Rusted Root knock-off! ... after deciding that I would change the sleeves from puffy to straight, and then realizing that I had the exact same lacy leaf pattern in an old Mon Tricot knitting book, I thought that I could give it a go without the Rusted Root instructions :-)
I used an Aussie 8 ply yarn with 4mm needles, and made a top down raglan with just a bit of side shaping in the body...I didn't want it too tight as I was going for the layered look (the photo with the white shirt). I'm really pleased with the end result, and it feels great to wear ... the black doesn't photograph real well, but the pattern shows up a lot better in 'real life'. I'll definately be making more of's winter here in Adelaide right now, and layers work great with our changeable climate.
Looking forward to the next KAL, Linda :-)

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