Saturday, May 12, 2007

sahara has been started!

i still don't know that i will come close to finishing before the end of the kal but i started and am loving this pattern and this yarn..south west trading co. phoenix 100%soysilk. i love this yarn. i wanted a neutral color so it would be easy to wear and wanted a multi so it would be more casual and wanted to use soy or bamboo and this yarn fit the bill. if you get a chance to try this yarn i recommend that you do! knit pixie sells the yarn and it's worth the price! i have finsihed rusted root and will picture it as soon as i wash and block it . i do have two more ends to weave in but am putting that off for a rainey day...i'm sick of looking at black yarn!

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Silver said...

Doh! I don't know why it didn't occur to me to use Soy Silk as a substitute for actual silk. I ought to have thought of that. ;) Oh, well -- if it doesn't work out in the cotton I'm using right now due to the silly gauge issue, maybe I'll re-do it in Soy Silk. Thanks for the inspiration! :D