Sunday, May 20, 2007

rusted root is finished and sahara is in progress

rusted root is made with cotton linen yarn, this is a pre-washed and pre-blocked pic. love the yarn, still think i made the sweater too short so i may add on a repeat and re do the ribbing before i wash her. sahara is in progress and i'm now looking for ways to attach the beads i bought...for the neckline only. i don't think i'll bead the sleeves and the hem but who knows i could change my mind. i'm sticking with the neutrals lately to hope fully get more use out of my knits. we shall see. i have finished my eyelet cardi from knit pixie if you want to stop on over to my blog or to the knit pixie blog to see the end results...turned out quite nice i think. i mention it only because it was a pattern that was under consideration for a sexy knitters kal! posting with the new blogger is so much nicer and easier and if i haven't already mentioned it...thanks jeannie for your efforts!

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