Friday, May 11, 2007

I've wanted to knit along here for quite a while, but a lot of people seem to go for off-the-shoulder designs. Given that I (and probably everyone around me) would be happier if I wore a bra, I waited until this knit along to join in.

(BTW, the muffin-top look is an optical illusion because of an oddly folded shirt hem. I even checked again after squinting at this picture for a while.)

Changes to the pattern:

  • Gauge. Knit with Silky Tweed at a smidge over 5.5 stitches per inch
  • Neckline. Closed off the neckline early for (I felt) a more flattering look on me and ease in bust adjustments.
  • Bust. Added quite a few extra stitches in the bust and a short-row dart.
  • Waist. Nipped in the waist more than on the pattern, and adjusted the seam decreases/increases to reflect this and the extra room in the bust.

Hey, for me, this is following a pattern!

1 comment:

LisaBe said...

okay, this is weird--i recognized your headless torso and thought i was reading your blog before i looked again and saw that it was just you posting on the skc! how bizarre is that? :)
it looks great on you, of course. i need to figure out those kinds of modifications; i'm wanting to try to design a few sweaters and tanks and those are features i need to know how to do well. why don't you still live here?? waah!!