Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sahara is still on my bad side

I tried to make longer sleeves, hoping that the long wavy sleeves would make up for the tightness of the body & make it seem breezy anyway...
and I ran out of yarn. The sleeves look SILLY like this. ARGHHH!!!!
Details on my blog - please come & give your opinion about what I should do with the sleeves, I just can't decide.
I have needed more help with this knit than anything I've ever done before - this is crazy - and I need help again! I am not thrilled with the whole Sahara experience, even tho I do think if I can get it the way I want it that I will actually like it very much.


Yarn It said...

You could considering frogging the sleeves and making the cap sleeve version. Either way though, it looks very nice!

villalena said...

do you think it is too tight? the body looks good to me. i think you should just frog back the sleeves a bit so they end just above the elbow.